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Chrissy Birtwistle

Strategic Brand Director

+44 (0)7401 241234

Piers Vernon Kell working on the Cousin Branding Brand Film

Great people do great stuff wherever they are.

No need to commute for your dream project. If you like the sound of the Cousin culture, have 6+ years experience in brand creation, marketing or digital experiences and want to work alongside a whipsmart team with fantastic clients, drop us a line.

We're currently on the lookout for super savvy freelancers to join the Cousin collective.

Senior Brand Designer
Webflow Specialist / Developer
Integrated Digital Marketing Specialist
Business Strategist / Consultant
Agile Project Manager

Cousin was set up to be home to talented, driven, self-motivated, creative and strategic talent, who want to continue to work at the highest level, but work from anywhere at any time. To not be a slave to the daily commute, or the typical 9-5 working day. We are a group of people who accept nothing less than excellence, and therefore don’t need the normal working model to deliver. Our own internal compass and values do that for us. If this sounds like you… let’s start a conversation.

If this sounds like you, email with your story.

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