We are a different type of creative business that’s breaking convention to do great work that benefits clients and Cousins.

How are you different from other branding agencies?

Our freelance virtual model means we aren’t a slave to agency doctrine. We don’t have a number to meet at the end of the month which gives us freedom to choose our clients, and for you to choose us.

Cousin is a response to the need for start-ups and SME businesses to reach their full potential without making a commitment to a big agency. We bring all the big agency talent and none of the costly overheads. We make it easy by immersing ourselves in the company to create and deliver a marketing strategy and brand that stands the test of time.

Work and life is more enjoyable when you like and respect the people you’re with. We’re at our best whenwe’re on the same team pulling in the same direction.

We founded Cousin to work with people and clients that we believe in. We’re all about smart conversations, real life situations and working with purpose, meaning and lots of creativity.

How does your freelance model benefit us?

Cousin is a collective of established and highly capable freelancers that consistently deliver concentrated value. All Cousins work autonomously, but they’re co-ordinated and kept in perfect harmony by Chrissy, our Brand Director. This flat structure means you don’t pay for internal management time, professional development, or internal meetings. You can relax knowing your experienced team have chosen to work on your project. Your mission has to resonate so it's a purpose they can wear. Free from internal responsibilities or distractions, they are focused on your work, and yours alone.

What is a brand practice?

For us a Brand Practice is taking all the positives from a traditional agency model, and removing the negatives. A good comparison would be an architectural practice – you wouldn’t start laying foundations for a building without some serious planning, and we think of branding in the same way.

One of the differences between a classic brand agency and Cousin is that we aim to collaborate much earlier in the process – pre-brief if you like. We’ll understand the vision, your business challenges, and together define the programme of work. Its important work that removes any chance of wasting time or money on guess work. We are also committed to constant learning, and staying on top of new tools and styles of working.

We’re creating a practice where standards are high, and overheads are low.

What do these terms mean?

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Who is a typical Cousin client?

We work with companies throughout their lifecycle, particularly founder led companies. Sharing that vision and passion, making the vision a reality – that’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. But Cousin is not for everyone. If you want multiple account managers, a huge global network and a state of the art HQ, then we’re probably not for you.

Is my project too big/small for us to work together?

Absolutely not. Our model means we are elastic so it’s easy to scale up and down how and when you need us. But we will always be honest with you about what is achievable within the constraints of time and budget. We have the capability to do almost anything, big or small.

We’re connected by a desire to produce stunning work that results in real tangible value to our client’s businesses. For us, it’s as much about us choosing you, as you choosing us. And with the aim of balancing optimism and realism, we usually find a way to make things happen if we believe.

Will you work with our in-house team?

Cousin is one big family and when you’re in, you're in. We’ll always be happy to support you as an extension of your team.

What are typical timelines?

Every project is different, but we don’t drag our feet. Having such an experienced team means we can work well and work fast, taking only the time we need. It's also why is we prefer to present proposals based on value delivered, not hours spent.

What is the average investment per client?

We work in the customised service business. Every project designed to completely fit the needs of the individual client. We strive to significantly move the needle for every client we work with, working at the intersection of business and brand. So, although every client is different, with different needs, we work with all our clients to solve real and significant problems, that in turn have a real and significant positive impact on their business. When we are in, we are all in, caring almost as much about your business as your do, working with you to build your business and your brand. Therefore, typically most projects fall in the ballpark of £25,000 - £80,000.

Do you offer startup packages?

We do on a case by case basis. Tell us your story, and if there is an opportunity to do something brilliant, fun, creative or interesting we’ll find a way.

Money isn’t the only currency accepted at Cousin.

Do you offer flexible payment terms?

Yes. Though we can't bankroll your business,we can be as creative with our payment terms aswe are with our ideas

I’m a freelancer. How do I become a First Cousin?

If you know the value you deliver to clients, love what you do and connect with our Cousin culture, drop us an email at hello@cousinbranding.co.uk or check out our careers page here.

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