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Lynsay Biss
May 5, 2020

We have been really impressed by the way businesses like Brewdog have responded to the current challenges. They have shown that it’s time to go deeper than communication, and instead interrogate your business model to see where a small or significant shift of focus can help.

For our part, we wanted to see how in some small way we could help businesses to survive. This resulted in Brand Therapy - a complimentary call for founders and small business owners to gain support, advice or even just someone in the industry to chat to. We hope that this will start to help new and struggling businesses find a way through.

So, fancy a chat with your friendly Cousins?

We are a creative collective of strategists, designers, marketeers, copywriters and content experts, and we love to apply creativity and strategic thinking to solving brand and business problems.

We are offering an hour of our time to talk about anything connected to your business, brand or communications. It’s an opportunity to explore ideas and plan for a positive future.

To book in to chat click here.

Lynsay Biss

Strategic Design Director & Co-Founder of Cousin

In her 10 years designing both agency and client-side, Lynsay has developed an exceptional talent for translating any business need into a meaningful brand. She covers all areas of brand development, from concept to execution and everything in between.

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